Dog Haus Fundraising

Dog Haus believes supporting the community makes everyone's life better
Dog Haus is a great place for you to raise money for your organization! Request a fundraiser at the restaurant of your choice, any day, Monday through Thursday from 11AM to one hour before closing. Dog Haus will donate a percentage of all sales (excluding sales tax) generated by your organization at the fundraiser — the more people you bring in to eat, the more money your organization can make!

Dog Haus' contribution to your organization
15% Donation = Up to $1,000.00 Net Sales
20% Donation = $1,001.00 - $2,000.00 Net Sales
25% Donation = $2,001.00+ Net Sales

Fundraising at Dog Haus is easy as 1-2-3
1. We provide a customizable flyer for you to print and distribute.

2. During the event, your guests present a hard copy of your flyer when they order.
3. After the event, your organization receives a check.

We want your organization's fundraiser to be a success
If you have questions email us:, or if you’re ready to get started fill out our online fundraising event application form.

Share the Love
Join us in our desire to make a difference.


  • If you are asked about fundraising with Dog Haus, please direct the questioner to From there, they can click on "About Us", then "Fundraising" to learn more about our fundraising program.

  • Unlike most other businesses, at Dog Haus, alcohol sales do contribute to the Net Sales total for your organization's fundraiser.

  • Net Sales is the total before tax.