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Monday, February 22, 2016

10 Chain Dishes We Secretly Love Around LA

ZAGAT LA – 10 Chain Dishes We Secretly Love Around LA

Lesley Balla

Everyone has a dirty little fast-food secret. Maybe it's an undying love for a Taco Bell Crunchwrap or McDonald's fries; maybe it's ripping a part a Carl's Jr. Steakhouse burger on TV à la chef Michael Voltaggio. But craving a chain restaurant's signature dish doesn't have to be a secret. We can love a great meal at a James Beard Award–winning restaurant in town just as easily as we can love a messy burger topped with egg, coleslaw and fries, good Korean wings or a gooey butter cake. Here are 10 chain dishes we love — and, yes, that includes sushi. 

The Love Boat at Dog Haus

Why we love it: There really isn't much to say here but: what's not to love about a boat full of crisp and golden tater tots smothered in rich, meaty chili and creamy coleslaw? And with Dog Haus locations sprinkled all over LA, you're never too far.

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