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Monday, July 27, 2015

8 Great Alternatives to Crowded LA Restaurants

ZAGAT — 8 Great Alternatives to Crowded LA Restaurants — by Lesley Balla

It's mind-boggling how many people will line up for glorified toast in LA. And even if that messy egg-topped breakfast sandwich is the best you've ever had, waiting for one shouldn't take half the day. Some of the most popular restaurants in town are so consistently busy, it's impossible to ever get in. At others, milling about for an hour before getting seated is becoming the norm. We're here to help. There are alternatives, places where the food is just as good as their buzzy counterparts. Here's where to dine in Los Angeles when you're short on time.

Dog Haus
The lines at Pink’s are almost more legendary than the actual hot dogs. Some posit that the staff intentionally takes their time with each order to make the line snake even longer around the building; others just think the mass of tourists coming to our fair city really believe that chili-topped dogs are the quintessential LA food. If you’re just looking for a great chili dog, find one of the Dog Haus locations, where the links have snap, the chili is rich and the sweet Hawaiian roll buns add a nice balance (even if they completely disintegrate under the weight of delicious toppings). With so many new Dog Haus outposts opening around LA, a good hot dog without a line will be even easier to find.